Abdul Ahad Zargar: Fakiri

A celebrated Kashmiri poet famous for his fiery verses Abdul Ahad Zargar was born in the year 1882 & died in 1973. He is said to have been a follower of the Qadri silsila (order of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani R.A). Fakiri is probably one of his most popular poems and has been sung by numerous folk singers of the valley.

Here are two renditions of the same composition and the text/translation.

  • By Ghulam Mohammad Sheikh Bandipori – Listen
  • By Ali Mohd Sheikh-Kashmiri  – Listen

Fakiri Abdul Ahad ZargarFakiri
the Burning sun of me,
the house of God ,the only way
the supreme king who  appears now and then
the house of God, the only way

the exhilarating garden as it blossoms,
the colorful garments as they wrap around ,
the wine of truth for unity decanters,
the house of God, the only way

the heady fragrance for the panging flowers ,
the alluring ornaments for the ears in hay ,
the effulgent light for all the environ,
the house of God , the only way

the treasure of knowledge for learned ,
the crown for those who seek the truth,
the reward for those who are righteous ,
the house of God , the only way

the guide to the secret treasure,
the leader to the divine court of Love,
the king of the nib and slate ,
the house of God , the only way

the owner of secrets and the Pious,
the fearless vanquisher of materialism,
the ‘Kalima’ between two ‘Meem’s of Arabic,
the house of God , the only way

the “Hoo” I saw , that exhales,
the form of soul that enters my mortal cage ,
the ark of Prophet Noah,
the house of God the only way

has been and will endure till eternity,
intoxicates me and ‘saqi’, us both,
the name for master of every wine,
the house of God , the only Way

Ahad Zargar lays down at your door,
You appear gloriously within and without,
You dwell in every nook and cranny of me,
the house of God , the only way

(Translation: Ebn Mushtaq Shah, Srinagar)

Another Translation by Inder Salim

The only sun with a human heart,
The only Kabba, the only door;
The only garden which flowers:
The only thing,
Endlessly wrapped with colourful garments;

The real wine in the unity goblets;
The only fragrance of the flowers of pain,
The only light, the only university
Where intellectuals meet, the only
Thing which enlightens a student.
And the only performance for the learned.

Fakiri :
The only meaningful secret of the representative,
The only leader of the Love;
The only nib for the King to write.

The only true guide,
The only thing that vanquishes the anger,

The only ‘Kalima’ between
Two ‘meems’ of Arabic language

The only breath which we exhale,
The only soul which occupies
The mortal cage;
The only new prophet whom we may know.

The only thing which existed, and
The only thing which will endure.

The only thing which intoxicates
Both the Saqi and drinker,
The only name which we can give to a drink.

The only thing for Ahad Zargar
The only thing which constitutes my body particles.
The only thing which reflects inside-outside-inside-outside.



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  1. Mushtaq Dar
    December 13, 2014 at 6:12 pm #

    Wonder from wonderful Ahad Zargar and equally beautiful Late Ali Mohd Sheikh sahib.

  2. Yasser
    February 27, 2016 at 7:31 am #

    The Fakiri poem you have posted is incomplete as well as at places incorrect when compared with the singing version. Can you explain the difference?

  3. Naqeeb
    December 26, 2016 at 10:46 am #

    Thanks for uploading this wonderful and materpiece of Abdul Ahad Zargar the great Kashmiri Sufi Saint and poet.. and equally sung by Ali Mohammad Sheikh

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