Afoot Through the Kashmir Valleys by Marion Doughty: Free e-book

Many years ago a little girl with knitted brows and every outward sign of strong concentration was pulling at one end of a chicken’s ” merry-thought.” The brows relaxed and the mouth widened into a delighted smile, ” I’ve won it,” she shouted, holding up the longer end, ” and I wish to go to Cashmere.” ” I don’t believe you know where Cashmere is, and you will not go now, because you have told your wish,” shouted her cousin defiantly, for he had not been pleased to be beaten by a girl.
Nevertheless, by dint of hard wishing and a good deal of patience, after long years the little girl arrived in Cashmere, but by that time she was no longer little, and people talked of the land of roses as ” Kashmir ” with a K. What she saw and did when she arrived there will be told to you in future chapters; that she felt her wishes were not wasted is proved by the fact that she hopes the day may come when she will be able to return to that beautiful valley and make better acquaintance with it.


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