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The Dhikr Book of Kashmir

“The Prophet (SAW) said: ‘He who remembers God much (man akthara dhikr Allah), God loves him (aHabbahu Allah),’ and he said: ‘The night that I was enraptured to my Lord (laylata usra bi), I passed by a man extinguished within the light of God’s Throne (mugheeb fi nur al-arsh). I asked, who is this, and is he an angel? I was told No. I asked again, Is it a Prophet? I was told No, and I said, Who then? It was said: ‘This is a man who, while he was in the world, his tongue was constantly moist with the mention of God and his heart was attached to the mosques.’
It is related that a servant of God will join the gatherings of dhikr with sins the size of mountains, and then rise and leave one such gathering with nothing left of them to his name. This is why the Prophet called it one of the groves of Paradise when he said: ‘If you pass by the groves of Paradise, be sure to graze in them.’ Someone asked, ‘What are the groves of Paradise?’ to which he replied: ‘the circles of dhikr.’
On the authority of Hazrat Ali (RAA) – may God be well pleased with him – it is related that God manifests Himself (yatajalla) to the ones remembering during dhikr and the recitation of Qur’an. The Prophet said: ‘No group gathers and remembers God seeking nothing other than Him except a caller from heaven calls out to them: ‘Arise forgiven, for your bad deeds have been turned into good ones!’
Abu al-Darda’ narrated that the Prophet said: ‘God verily will raise on the Day of Resurrection people bearing light on their faces, carried aloft on pulpits of pearl, whom the people will envy. They are neither prophets nor martyrs.’ Upon hearing this, a Bedouin Arab fell to his knees and said: ‘Show them to us (ajlihim), O Prophet of God!’ – that is: ‘describe them for us.’ He replied: ‘They are those who love one another for God’s sake alone. They come from many different tribes, countries, and cities. They gather together for the remembrance of God the Exalted, remembering Him.'”

The books presented in this compilation feature some of the most revered prayers from Kashmir’s Islamic traditions. This collection has been meticulously compiled with the hope that it will bestow spiritual benefits upon its readers, becoming a wellspring of peace and solace. May the almighty Allah support this endeavor and reward all sincere intentions.

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